Indian Clubs 101

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This is a  course that covers Indian Club basics as well as history in videos and an animated downloadable eBook.

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Restorative: Range of Motion, Rhythmic and Reactive


I885 to 1920 is considered by many fitness experts and historians to be the golden age of  physical education in the United States. During this golden age our schools and military had structured physical education based on Friedrich Jahn’s  German method and P.H. Ling’s | Swedish method.

Instead of focusing on sports and games as we started to do in the 1920s, these structured methods included military (combative), Medical (restorative), pedagogical and aesthetic components. The gyms of this golden age had ropes, rings, bars, ladders, weights, medicine balls and Indian clubs and the programs valued precision, progression and variety.

The Indian Clubs were popular for both restorative and combative program components. Think of the similarities to sword fighting and the range of motion gained through club swinging. Brought by British soldiers from India to the U.K. and then to the U.S. the versatile and effective Indian Clubs became a staple of our physical education programs and training.

This course will show you basic Indian Club Exercise and an Indian Club warm up routine you can use before your regular exercise routine.

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