Focus On Flexibility Online Version

InstructorVincent Metzo
TypeOnsite Course
DateMay 4, 2017 - May 30, 2017
PlaceSwedish Institute - 151 West 26th street, NYC NY 10001

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These intensive and detailed workshops are a must for fitness professionals working with post-rehab clients or designing flexibility and corrective exercise programs to complement strength and cardiovascular training. A neuro-biomechanical perspective serves as the basis for flexibility testing and prescription to create balanced bodies that can stand up to the stresses of repetitive exercise.

Workshops explore the biomechanics, motor control, testing, stretching, injuries, kinetic chain, and training of the lower extremity, upper extremity, and torso. Application to post-rehab, pre-habilitation, and corrective exercise prescription will be emphasized. Participants receive hands-on experience with flexibility testing and stretching techniques as well as lecture material to guide trainers in the proper application of the assessment and training techniques covered. For those committed to learning for a lifetime, these workshops offer a way to hone skills, explore new techniques, and enjoy the process of learning in a community of peers.


The full program is comprised of 3 courses (each of which are held over the course of a weekend). You have the option to take only course 1 or course 2, independently, without taking the other, and without proceeding to the certificate weekend. You will receive CEUs for the course you register for and complete.

For those who are interested in achieving the Flexibility & Exercise Specialist Certificate, you must take both FoF1 and FoF2 in order to proceed to the final weekend and culminate with the Certificate. You have the opportunity to receive a discount and pay only $825 if you sign up for all 3 courses at once on or before the early registration deadline which is April 30, 2017.*

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For those who are interested in only the first or second course and are not interested in the Certificate: you can click on title for the individual class you are interested in to read more and register for that course. CEUs will be awarded for individual courses.

*For those who are interested in the full program: you have the opportunity to sign up for all 3 courses at once by April 30, 2017 and pay only $825 for the entire program. The deadline for this promotion is April 30, 2017 — after which the price below will be reset. There is no prorating if you sign up for one at a time (i.e. if you want to wait until after taking the first 2 courses to decide whether you’d like to advance to the certificate, you can wait to register and pay either $295 if you sign up before November 12 or $325 if you sign up after November 12).

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Section Quiz
Section 2Key Concepts
Lecture 2Key Concepts in Testing
Section 3Leg, Ankle and Foot
Lecture 3Assessment of Leg, Ankle and Foot
Section Quiz
Section 4Hip and Knee
Lecture 4Assessment of the Hip and Knee
Section Quiz
Section 5Upper Extremity
Lecture 5Assessing the Shoulder Joint Complex
Lecture 6Assessing the Elbow, Forearm and Wrist
Section 6Final Exam
Lecture 7
Section Quiz